Repair, Protection, and Strengthening Aplication Guide

Simpson Strong-Tie® Repair, Protection and Strengthening products are designed, tested and manufactured to offer high-performance solutions that provide lasting results. We address your speci c condition with a repair plan tailored to your needs, while minimizing downtime or loss of structure use.

From custom-manufactured berglass jackets to ber-reinforced polymer systems and underwater epoxies, we have developed an array of formulations designed to offer structural repair, strengthening and protection against exposure, corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and other destructive forces commonly found in commercial, industrial, marine and agribusiness environments.


FX-70® Structural Pile Repair and Protection Systems
for Concrete,Timber and Steel Structures


In 1970, the FX-70® Structural Pile Repair and Protection System made in-place repair of damaged marine piles possible and practical, an industry rst. By eliminating the need to dewater
the repair site or take the structure out of service, FX-70 dramatically reduces the overall cost and time of restoring the damaged structure.


Degradation of structures at the waterline is common in marine environments. Tidal action,
river current, saltwater exposure, chemical intrusion, oating debris, marine borers, electrolysis, wet-dry cycles and general weathering are all examples of destructive marine factors addressed by the FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System. 


The FX-70® system features custom-made tongue-and-groove seamed berglass jackets that provide a corrosion-resistant protective shell for the life of the repair. High-strength repair grouts are used to strengthen and protect damaged piles. These products displace existing water and can be easily pumped or poured into the FX-70 jacket even while it is submerged in water. 


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Underwater Grouting
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